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Watched the. 10PM news last night and saw KCTV try to have a KC angle to the story. This was so far fetched it is hard to believe it actually received air time. To those of you who haven ‘t seen it…here ‘s the jist of it….

Sine the NBA is going to force Sterling to sell the Clippers, wouldn’t it be great if they got moved to KC. To find people to interview that found a few tailgaters at the Royals game and got their opinion.

This is wrong on so many levels. Why did KCTV think new owners would move them out of LA?

Who in KC has the where with all to pay $500,000,000 for a basketball franchise. (Forbes estimated value of Clippers franchise)

NBA is not going to let the Clippers move out of LA. Magic Johnson wants to buy the Clippers and keep them in LA. The other 29 owners are not going to let a franchise in the number 2 media market move to the. 30th media market .

This is just another example of KCTV’s habit of trying to be cute and being a homer rather than doing a real news story.

The news director should have just killed this story instead of making it one of the leads.


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