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Chiefs and the Draft

The annual “it is going to be better fest” begins tomorrow at 7PM with the Chiefs picking first. KCTV has gone overboard with their show at 6:30 on their sister station. Just what I want to hear….Michael Coleman and Baldinger discussing what they think is the most important for the Chiefs.

When they pick either one of the two premier tackles…we will hear that will solve the left tackle position for the next 10 years.

When they get a second round pick for the trade to Miami for the existing left tackle, that choice will be considered to be a starter no matter who he is or what his history is…..we will then get the look at how this draft ranks in the history of drafts….

WHB and KCSP will go overboard also….I understand the excitement but picks in rounds 4-7 are just fluff…it is all about the ones at the top…but there is still a lot to do and a lot of positions to fill for this to be considered a great draft…


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