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Spring Training Starts Today

Makes you still bask in the glow of last year….

Royals Win

Never thought I would see the day.  All the years of really bad teams (100+ loss seasons)….What a great feeling last night and today….Way to go Royals


I watched Yogi from when I was 7-8 and watched the Yankees on Channel 11, WPIX in New York. He was without doubt the “best bad ball hitter” in baseball. He was a great talent and that had nothing to do with his syntax. I remember when in 60-61 his catching talents were starting to wane. The Yankees moved him to left field and he was immediately one of the best left fielders in the American League.

His difficulty with the words endeared him to the world. His contributions to the Yankee legend were extraordinary

I hope this loosens the grip that mediocre play has had on our boys in Blue for the last 3-4 weeks.  Relax and start playing good baseball again.  Nothing is certain.  The road to the World Series is fraught with danger.  It will not be a walk like last year.

His orangeness is leaving.  None too soon.  Tea Partiers are probably thrilled right now, but wait till they install the next Speaker and he is even more intransigent.  Hard to believe that even less can be done in Congress, but that is what we are getting.

Why does Ttump get a pass

He refuses to answer questions. Charges that right wing interview is after him with gotcha questions cause he does not know anything about foreign policy. The man is all hat and no cattle.

Paid off his student loans of $100,000 in just four years while working as US Senator. Couldn’t do this on his Senate salary. Must be doing that from the money he made at the law firm where he was paid big bucks for next to nothing.

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