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Chiefs Needs

the chiefs will not take a wide receiver in the first round. Anybody who thinks so is an idiot. they need offensive line help.

Brian Williams

the more I learn about his lying over the years…the more upset I get. I am old enough to remember Walter Cronkite, Eric Severaid and the other great newsmen at CBS, Huntley and Brinkley at NBC. None of these greats would have ever done what Williams has done….NBC has gone Hollywood…..I do not think Williams will return to network TV news.

we know in just about 7 hours

Disaster day for Dems

It was not pretty. Glad that mr. Mc dreamy got whacked in New Hampshire.

Don’t listen to Republican nonsense about a mandate. Mandate means you have to have an agenda. They don’t have one. The next 2 years in Congress will be gruesome. Everybody needs to know the chant….Benghazi…pipeline….immigration…..seal the borders…have to stop voting fraud…..impeach the Kenyan…..it is going to come

The pundits say it is going to be a disaster for the Dems….I am not completely convinced that will be the case. Want Roberts in Kansas to lose, Walker in Wisconsin and Brownback and Kolbach to lose in KS>….That would be okay

Baseball and me need a rest

it was nice to watch something other than baseball in last 4 weeks

Game 6 Awaits

I sincerely hope that the Magic at the K continues. But if it doesn’t, it has been one helluva ride. Cmon Boys in Blue. play smart baseball and get some tmely hits.

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