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Gay Marriage, Obamacare, the realization that the Civil War was fought over slavery,Fair Housing survives a legal challenge…..what a great week

Went to my first of 5 Chicago Gay Pride Parades 40 years ago. Fenske and I and 4-5 other people standing on the stairs of The Fat Black Pussycat at about 3100 Broadway. We were using the stairs like a reviewing stand. I never thought back then about gay marriage.

Our President was so eloquent at Rev Pinckney funeral. I am going to watch it again today.

Obamacare rules

The Supreme Court gets it right. All the right wing nut jobs just had their blood pressure raised by a correct ruling. With the flag controversy and Obamacare being settled and gay marriage to come tomorrow or Monday….Not a good week for the nutjobs.

A job posting appeared today at Job website….It is for the CEO and President of KC Visiting Nurse Association……Healing at Agency and return to its former glory could all happen….we are excited that change is coming to VNA

KC Star Problems

More and more of the experienced salespeople who have been the force for its good efforts under horrific conditions for selling print for the past decade are being forced out or running to get away. Nick Hadley and Larry Barnhardt to name just a couple. Recently like in the last week or ten days.

Having the salespeople practice and fine tune their telephone pitch is pathetic. The rumor is that sales management people got a raise while the salespeople got their base salary and commission percentages whacked.

Sad to see a great paper kind of wither and die right before your eyes.

Please feel free in comments section to make a post or add names of other people who are no longer with The Star.

You may have missed Channel 5 sports talking about how the Chiefs training camp starts in a week on July 28 or there abouts. the only problem they had is next week will be June 28.

simple fact checking…..

Confederate Flag

The traditional white southern response to the question of the Confederate flag is one of heritage.  They are celebrating the issue of slavery and the post civil war desire to subjugate the African American plus the reaction to Brown v. Board of Education. They lost the war but somehow feel they have won the peace.  Keeping racism alive is the centerpiece to this issue.

The Confederate Flag needs to be removed from the State Capitol and go into a museum.  The Grant County Historical Museum in Sheridan AR has two Ku Klux Klan robes on display. The South Carolina Museum and/or Historical Society can find a place for the Confederate Flag.

Mother Emmanuel

Just heartsick about the shootings…..Roof sounds like an ignorant asshole. Dropped out after repeating 9th grade….kills 9 people and is unrepentant.

My heart goes out to the families.

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