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Bibi and his landslide

Appealing to the lowest common instinct in voters is a tactic that has worked well in the US for centuries….well it has worked in Israel. Bibi changed the official stance of Israel vis-à-vis the two country solution that has been the official policy of Israel just one day before the election. He also projected fear of massive amounts of Arabs coming to vote at the last minute. Be a good demagogue, Bibi. It really suits you.

Kudos to the Republicans….who have made a Prime Minister of another country the mouthpiece for their foreign policy. Never thought I would see the day that Republicans want to turn over who speaks for America to a person who is a leader of another country….

Israeli Elections

I believe that Bibi will come in second, but still finagle a way to remain Prime Minister and will continue to set back negotiations on a second state for 4-5 more years. Not a good thing. Having Chuck Norris and Jon Voigt make campaign ads for you is just pathetic. He deserves to go and end a not so brilliant career. I want it to happen, but I don’t think it will

Wisconsin in the NCAA

Badgers vs Kentucky what a blast it would be…..Badgers by 2….you heard it here first.

Chiefs Needs

the chiefs will not take a wide receiver in the first round. Anybody who thinks so is an idiot. they need offensive line help.

Brian Williams

the more I learn about his lying over the years…the more upset I get. I am old enough to remember Walter Cronkite, Eric Severaid and the other great newsmen at CBS, Huntley and Brinkley at NBC. None of these greats would have ever done what Williams has done….NBC has gone Hollywood…..I do not think Williams will return to network TV news.

we know in just about 7 hours

Disaster day for Dems

It was not pretty. Glad that mr. Mc dreamy got whacked in New Hampshire.

Don’t listen to Republican nonsense about a mandate. Mandate means you have to have an agenda. They don’t have one. The next 2 years in Congress will be gruesome. Everybody needs to know the chant….Benghazi…pipeline….immigration…..seal the borders…have to stop voting fraud…..impeach the Kenyan…..it is going to come

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