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New City Council in KC

The new City Council gets installed on Saturday.  Our hope is that it provides some alternatives to what the Mayor is up to.  The toy train is not a good idea….and extending to UMKC accomplishes little or nothing.  Where would they place it.  Can’t place it in the plaza….too far for UMKC students….and can’t just let it end at UMKC because that is too far from the plaza.  Just not thought out well.

The infrastructure needs attention….not some new bright and shiny object like the train.  Fix the streets…fix the sewers…that should be your legacy….not a 2.5 mile streetcar run…

Royals and Astros

Royals lost last night against pitcher who always gives them trouble….tonight will be different

I am starving

Royals take two….

Way to bounce back from the Twins….winning the last game and then taking two from the Rays……You guys keep finding new ways of winning….Get another one tonight

I have had a hard time figuring if the Trump line of clothing so anything at all at Macy’s. Trump’s racist rant gave Macy’s the cover to fire the clothing line and stand up for correct behavior and against racist remarks.

Smart move Macy’s….solved two problems with one action

Going to have 16…..Christie’s bully position has been usurped by Trump…..Economy getting better and the Repubs are getting stupider….Keep up the pace…Hillary

Gay Marriage, Obamacare, the realization that the Civil War was fought over slavery,Fair Housing survives a legal challenge…..what a great week

Went to my first of 5 Chicago Gay Pride Parades 40 years ago. Fenske and I and 4-5 other people standing on the stairs of The Fat Black Pussycat at about 3100 Broadway. We were using the stairs like a reviewing stand. I never thought back then about gay marriage.

Our President was so eloquent at Rev Pinckney funeral. I am going to watch it again today.

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