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Things are getting scary for the boys in blue. They have to win the next 2. Detroit is on the horizon and the fate of the season depends on winning 4 of the next 5. No pressure guys… How about a timely hit.

KMBC needs a Sports Director

Having seen a couple of sports reports on KMBC, it is obvious why they are advertising for a sports director. They do a lousy job covering the market.

New Sports Director: First thing to do….fire Karen Kornacki. She is dull, overexposed and living off past laurels. She is not charming or fun filled. She projects old. Get rid of her

How can you get picked off 2nd base in the 9th inning? Blow any chance of a rally and now you are out of 1st place.

What a bonehead move

Not really anything to eat here if you do not want to reach daily amount of sodium in one sitting

The question is: Can the Royals continue to compete and win with the loss of Danny Duffy. The answer is, I am afraid, is no. They may win today on emotion, but they go into Detroit seriously wounded. Duffy was a key cog and now he is gone for the season. His career is hanging by a thread.

I am sure that you will read and hear this from the best reporters for The Star and most of the talk radio hacks. Just wanted you to know that I said it here without their 2 cent input.

If you have any low sodium recipes and you would like to share. Please post your best recipe. If this gets overwhelming , I reserve the right to shut it down at anytime for any reason, I look forward to seeing your low sodium recipe.

Yankee Royals Game last night

A shut out, a one to nothing shutout, shows that The Royals are up to the task. Need to swim today because Derek Jeter day on Sunday will be tough. Last night’s game in the past would have been one they lost and been considered a moral victory. No longer

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