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KSHB and Michael

Reports are surfacing that the dreadful host of the KSHB morning show that bumped Kota and Cathy Lee will not have his contract renewed after it expires shortly..

Nothing could be more richly deserved. He is just terrible….Good riddance michael

This just seems to be quite a coincidence or could it be a copy cat case?

Kentucky loses….

Kentucky acts like it is their divine right to be the NCAA Champion. Therefore, it was wonderful that the State School in Connecticut…where I grew up won the NCAA Championship.

I have to say that Caliperri was extremely gracious and sportsmanlike in his remarks to CBS after the game. He was right….they were chances for them to win, but they just didn’t….

Way to go HUSKIES…..

Wisconsin and Kentucky

Badgers will prevail…I hope…..Wisconsin basketball has finally made the big time.  Well worth the wait.   Time to knock another perennial power off its throne….I hope UCONN knocks off Florida. 

The Kansas Basketball fanatics are crying in their beer.  Everybody lost this weekend.   So sad…..only Kansas knows basketball….


Rest of the world moving on…not Kansas….

Tournament NCAA

Biggest surprise……Wichita State back to final four……..Would love to see a Number 1 seed fall….Would like to see most Number 2′s go down…..

Wichita State nightmare

Not a believer yet…. Here’s the scenario to break their hearts. ….they get number one seed…. And then lose in first round. ….

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