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The Tea Party think that along with Tax Day, April 15, this is their day. We will hear a whole lot about how the Constitution is being ignored/violated/destroyed by this President. They seem to forget the moral issued raised by the Declaration of Independence. Coupled with the gun culture thinking the wold begins and ends with the 2nd Amendment you get a very scary scenario.

Have a happy Fourth… By remembering both documents. Use fireworks wisely if you feel the need to use them. Better yet, leave that to the professionals. Let freedom ring.

Dallas will get the RNC because they want it..the big market will just crush the two mid-tier markets of KC and Cleveland. The RNC will cut it to 2 markets soon just to up the stakes. We will have been out played again just like Pittsburg and the hockey franchise.

Come on a Star……let’s get the site up

The Star’s site has been down for hours. Another example of too few people on hand to deal with the problem?

Blue Girl at http://www.tguar.com is a must read. She is over the top some times but her outrage is real and it just jumps from the page.

What a voice for freedom and justice and equality. She will be missed.

I am do happy that my brother is doing so well since his stroke almost 3 months ago. He is dedicated to getting better and it shows.

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