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Baseball and me need a rest

it was nice to watch something other than baseball in last 4 weeks

Game 6 Awaits

I sincerely hope that the Magic at the K continues. But if it doesn’t, it has been one helluva ride. Cmon Boys in Blue. play smart baseball and get some tmely hits.

Royals will score first and get a 2 run lead…..Giants catch up and Aoki gets key hit in fourth inning and royal go ahead for good….That is my scenario…What is yours?

Royals on the verge of delivering the knock out punch to the O’s. Mouse….the unlikest of heroes.

The town is with you…

Make it happen and see the town explode with happiness..

Royals do it

Boys in blue………I never doubted you….complete the journey…beat Detroit

Detroit Series is key

The Boys in Blue must win 2 out of three from the Big Bad Boys from the Motor City. Don’t you just hat clichés…they are so passé.
Make it a lot easier on yourselves, guys. Win on Friday and down have to play uphill all weekend. Give Detroit some of what you had to deal with when you were up there.

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